Four Silver Stars

This is a book I am writing about my Grandpa, Staff Sergeant William N. McCormack, USMC. Publishers want to know if this is worth publishing and if I can market this book. If you are interested in reading about a highly decorated War World II hero from Ingleside Texas that did some amazing heroic acts in the Philippines, in addition to his challenges as a prisoner of war, please let me know. Information about William McCormack and the first few draft pages of my book can be found at Feel free to read about what the media has stated about him and click on the tab “My Book”. Let me know and share your thoughts including any additional things you would be curious about that I can potentially write about in the book. Above all, please share with your friends and colleagues. I would respectfully and greatly appreciate you, your friends, and your colleagues feedback on this. Above all, if you, your parent or grandparent fought in the Philippines and was in the Bataan Death March, I would love to hear the stories you have or personally heard.

Grandpa was a Marine that fought in the Philippines during the early stages of World War II. The Japanese attacked the Philippine Islands just after they attacked Pearl Harbor. These fighting men were there to defend the islands while the American Pacific fleet laid crippled in Pear Harbor. Men fought for their lives and those that lived were left in Japanese prison camps to work and survive for the duration of the war. What is unique about my Grandpa is that he was awarded four Silver Stars within a 31 day period in which no man or woman has done before.

As the oldest grandson, my grandpa shared many stories of his fighting during World War II. The last stories was told when I was 19 years old just before he died. Now that I am in my late 40s, I now have the time to write about him and share his story with the rest of the world. I am not looking to profit or draw attention to myself through my grandpas efforts, I’m only doing this to simply share the amazing service he did for our country.


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